Introducing evidence-based rehabilitation, training and injury prevention.


The body has an incredible ability to improve its capacity and heal itself when properly guided utilizing appropriate biological and physiological principles.

1-Hour Physical Therapy

A different approach to physical therapy. Appointments are all one hour in length to allow more time for assessment, education on what to do at home, training, and any manual treatment (if indicated).  

This client centered, evidence-based approach to physical therapy is rooted in science. It isn’t easy, but it will improve the health and longevity of your body.

Group Kinstretch Classess

These classes will teach you how to self-assess your own joints, improve your mobility all while building true strength and control. These same mobility and strength classes are used by many professional athletes and sports teams.

Many insurance companies will reimburse you for theses classes under your physical therapy coverage!

Functional Range Assessments

When is the last time that you had a physical exam that assessed your JOINTS?

This 2.5 hour exam will assess each joint & its current capacity to help you understand what is currently going on and how you can improve mobility, function, longevity and slow degeneration. You will also get a series of photos, videos, and a full body program.

Longevity Physical Therapy is proud to be

Saskatoon’s first Kinstretch certified facility & your local Functional Range Systems provider

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